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Healthy Habits with Cayla Ranice

Are you ready to show up for yourself?

I bet you know what you need to do and you understand your body for the most part, but you still aren’t implementing changes or seeing results. Am I right? 

And I strongly believe its because of your habits.


Knowing what to do is one thing…but actually taking action and implementing change is another.

And this is what I focus on as a Habit Coach, Life Coach, and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner.

I teach you the science, but I also help you understand what behaviors you need daily to reach your biggest goals.

Because I want you to succeed. And understanding habits is key to long-lasting and sustainable change.



My Healthy Habits Signature VIP one-on-one program package is a 4-month commitment that will be individually tailored to you, your lifestyle, and your personal goals. Learn the science and the behaviors to succeed sustainably long-term

With Healthy Habits, you will learn how to:


  • Set a sustainable and long-lasting foundation of health and wellness.

  • Find your balanced formula for success.

  • Manage stress and build healthy sleeping habits. 

  • Confidently create your own balanced and nutritious meals

  • Learn the importance and science of macronutrients (fats, carbs, proteins)

  • Ditch bad habits and integrate positive rituals and habits into your daily schedule.

  • Lower inflammation and improve digestion and overall gut health.

  • Incorporate more intentional movement into your day.

  • Start making personal development and "you" time a priority. 

  • Cultivate a positive growth mindset toward yourself, your goals and your lifestyle

  • Create goals, break them down, and discover your deepest why behind why you want what you want.

  • Gain the momentum needed to continue pushing forward each and every day, no matter the obstacles that my arise. 

And so much more! 

Here's what you can expect:


  • 1-hour 30 minute initial session - an in-depth assessment of your nutrition and lifestyle habits, present symptoms and conditions, and potential vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies. We will discuss eating habits, stress levels, quality of sleep and intentional movement habits. This will take place via zoom call or phone call, depending on your preferences. We will discuss and decide together how our schedule will look throughout the following months and what we can expect from each other. 

  • Bi-Weekly booklet content - every 2 weeks you will receive an informational mini-booklet based on one of the Modules we will be discussing. Each Module will help you implement something new and specific into your daily lifestyle, with the goal of building a healthy foundation of wellness. At the end of the 4 months you will have a info-packed booklet to keep for your reference. 

  • Bi-Weekly guidance, support, and meetings - we will meet for a 30 minute zoom chat, voice message discussion, email, or phone call (depending on needs) to discuss how things are going OR you will receive a video teaching. During this time, I will provide you with actionable steps, questions or activities to help you stay on track, shift your reality, cultivate new habits and start to build the sustainable change needed to reach your goals. There may also be workbooks and questionnaires, information to read, and an extra emphasis on particular topics within that chapter (all dependent on your individual needs)

  • Four 40-minute follow up sessions - to review progress, aid you if needed in implementing your plan & modify protocol as needed. These can be used at any time during the four months that we are working together.

  • Monday through Friday text, voice messaging, and email support - I will be your accountability and support partner! This program package consists of A LOT of accountability and support from me and a lot of hands-on teachings and work. 

Modules & Training
Please keep in mind that this guideline and schedule is subject to change, depending on the clients personalized needs and goals.

Module One: Cultivating a Positive Growth Mindset
Discovering your thought patterns, focusing on the present moment, changing your fixed mindset patterns,

believing that you can make changes and see results

1.1 Understanding Mindset

1.2 Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset
1.3 Developing A Growth Mindset

1.4 Positive Affirmations 

1.5 Confidence & Overcoming Self-Doubt

Module Two: Building Healthy Habits
A Step By Step System for building sustainable long-lasting habits, understanding the habit loop, coming to terms with your current habits, implementation intentions, willpower, removing negative habits and creating positive ones 

2.1 What Are Habits? 

2.2 The Brain & Habits

2.3 The Easy Way To Build Healthy Habits

2.4 A Deeper Dive into The Habit Framework

2.5 How to Break Bad Habits

2.6 Habit Stacking & Other Habit Tools

2.7 Baby Steps & Mini Habits

Module Three: Goal Setting & Daily Baby Steps

Learning how to break down your goals into daily manageable baby steps, different goal techniques, remaining consistent and ditching the overwhelm,  having a strong enough why behind your goals

3.1 Knowing Your Why

3.2 What Are Goals?

3.3 S.M.A.R.T Goals

3.4 Monthly Goals & 60 Day Plan

3.5 Weekly Plan & Daly To Do List

3.6 The Importance of Baby Steps

3.7 Extra Tools for Building Goals

3.8 Momentum & Consistency

Module Four: Heal Your Relationship With Food 
Building a healthier and more positive relationship with yourself and food, ditching diet mentality, eating intuitively and with intention, understanding cravings and hunger cues

4.1 What is your current relationship with food?

4.2 Eating Mindfully & Intuitively

4.3 Hunger Cues vs Appetite

4.4 Food Cravings

4.5 Dieting & Why its not Helping

Module Five: Nutrition 101
What are nutrients, creating balanced plates with confidence, understanding macronutrients, water intake, healthy snacks, herbs and spices, meal planning and prepping tips, grocery shopping tips and habits 

5.1 Nutrients & The Balanced Plate

5.2 Water Intake

5.3 Vegetables and Fruit

5.4 Complex Carbs & Fiber

5.5 A Deep Dive Into Sugar

5.6 Protein & Dairy

5.7 Healthy Fats

5.8 Preparation & Planning

Module Six: Health & Habits
Habits to support you on a deeper level, the science behind many health concerns, targeting specific health issues you may have, tips and tools for healthy living


6.1 Intentional Movement

6.2 Balancing Blood Sugar & Insulin Resistance

6.3 Inflammation

6.4 Detoxification & Liver Health

6.5 Gut Health & Digestion

6.6 Personal Health Concerns

Module Seven: Sleep, Stress & Self-Care Habits
Journaling, making "you" time a priority, discovering your stress triggers, building habits that add to your happiness

7.1 Quality Sleep Habits

7.2 Stress Management Habits

7.3 Self-Care & Why It's So Important
7.4 Journaling & Gratitude

7.5 Anxiety & Depression (if needed)

Module Eight: Bringing It All Together
Helping you solidify the healthy foundation you've build and incorporate it into your lifestyle

If you have any additional questions regarding this package, please don’t hesitate to contact me or schedule a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call! Please click the "Learn More" button for pricing!

By the end of this program, you will confidently show up daily with the right habits for your lifestyle and your goals. You will have the tools you need to create long-lasting and sustainable habits that will help you succeed in life. You will understand yourself and your body better, and know the science behind nutrition and habits. You will feel in control of your health and happiness!

What are you waiting for? The time is now!

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