Do you have a healthy and positive relationship with food?

What meaning does food have in your life? Solace? Nourishment? Punishment? Celebration?

Are you stuck in the diet mentality and feel guilty for what you eat?

Are you an emotional eater?

Do you know the difference between cravings and hunger?



A 6-Day Intensive do-it-yourself program designed to help you formulate a heathier relationship around food!


  • how to eat intuitively
  • how to manage your stress without resorting to food
  • the difference between mindless eating and mindful eating
  • how to develop a healthy eating environment and a healthy lifestyle environment that will help you succeed with your goals
  • the difference between cravings and hunger. And how it’s not always “bad” or “negative” to give into your cravings
  • how to connect more deeply with your food
  • how to eat without distractions
  • how to change your habits and grow healthy habits around food
  • what to do instead of emotionally eating
    And more!


What’s included:

  • 6-Day workbook with day-to-day activities, questions and information
  • Food and Mood Journal
  • Downloadable pdf workbook sessions (4 sessions). These sessions are there to get you thinking and doing the work behind the scenes to discover your own relationship with food and how you can work on improving it.
  • Access to a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (me!) for guidance, questions and information.


Available in April 2021!

Eating with Intention