Meet my new program: Simply Balanced Ten!


A 10-Day Intensive do-it-yourself program designed to help you formulate healthy habits!


How are you doing with your health goals?


Are you struggling with making the right decisions for your body?


Are you unsure what habits to cultivate into your daily life? 


Let's get back to basics!


Simply Balanced Ten will take a deep dive into habits and how you can cultivate simple, yet effective healthy habits into your daily lifestyle that are sustainable and not overwhelming. These TEN habits will help you build a healthy foundation and set you on the right track to conquering your biggest health and wellness goals!



  • how to create habits and what a healthy vs a not-so-healthy habit loop looks like
  • how to focus on a positive growth mindset when it comes to the health changes you want to make
  • why macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fat) are important and how you can build healthy meals with confidence every day.  
  • how to build habits around sleep and self care
  • how to deal with the stress in your life by building positive habits surrounding your most stressful days. 
  • how to incorporate more intentional movement into your every day
  • how to cut down on your sugar and processed food intake
    And more!


No matter who you are or what your individual health goals are, these ten habits are a MUST in helping you succeed with health and happiness. 


What Simply Balanced Ten includes:  

  • 10-Day workbook with day-to-day activities, questions and information
  • Support and guidance from myself, a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the 10 days.
  • 6-page Simply Balanced Habits booklet


When it comes to your health and wellness, what matters most is your habits. What matters most is making those small changes to your daily lifestyle and behaviors. The daily baby steps that you tackle each and every day are what will bring you one step closer to your health goals. 


This program will introduce you to ten simple habits that NEED to be part of your life. These are ten things that I discuss in greater detail within my one-on-one consultations, but I wanted a way to offer them to you at a lower price. Because often our biggest issue is getting started. And this is a great place to start!


Available in April 2021!

Simply Balanced Ten