This 25-page booklet includes:

  • A checklist to find out if you are addicted to sugar
  • A list of 75 different names for sugar to be aware of when you purchase packaged products
  • A deep dive into carbs, why they are important for the body, and which carbs are healthiest for you to consume.
  • A chart showing the types of carbs and where processed sugar fits into the equation, as well as a breakdown of types of sugar.
  • A deep dive into the effects of excessive sugar consumption on the body and a list of physical and mental symptoms.
  • How much sugar you should actually consume a day.
  • How to figure out how many tsp of sugar are in a packaged product
  • A chart showing the unhealthy cycle of sugar consumption in your body.
  • Tips on how to lower your sugar intake.
  • How to deal with potential sugar withdrawal symptoms
  • A deep dive into artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, syrups and healthy alternatives.
  • A special mention on Medjool dates and 4 simple sweet treat recipes that include dates.

Understanding Sugar Booklet