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What People Say

I have enjoyed our time together, even though it wasn't quite long enough. I felt that you really do care about people. It was very easy to talk things out with you. You motivated me each week with your enthusiasm and friendliness.


 - Annette, former client

Cayla was able to quickly establish a client connection to foster trust, shared nutritional knowledge, and a motivational push. Cayla is very passionate in her chosen career path.

- Theresa, former client

I would recommend because she's always sharing amazing posts on healthy mindsets, health goals, recipes, healthy foods, etc. She's always open to questions and comments and I love seeing her posts. I learn something new each time that's for sure! She's friendly, open and honest!.

- Kathryn, Facebook page supporter

I have personally met this wonderful person. She is very informative and listens and helps with your questions. Cayla is not pushy with her knowledge and always has a smile for you. Cayla is very enjoyable and easy to relate with. I would highly recommend speaking with her even if you think you only have one unanswered question. 

- Delores, former client

Working with Cayla has been a blessing in disguise for me. I've suffered from IBS for awhile now, seen plenty of doctors, told to just take this pill and you'll be fine. Within two weeks of working with Cayla, I began to slowly become regular. She has been extremely understanding in some trying times while I worked with her. She adjusted the original schedule to reflect how I was that week. And gave me a chapter that helped me in that moment. She taught me how to heal myself from the inside out. She helped rebuild my foundation. Now It's up to me to rebuild the structure. If you enter in with a open mind and willingness to work on yourself. Cayla will steer you in the right directions. And set you on the right path to health. 

- Naomi, former client of Simply Balanced Basics

I just wanted to say that I love seeing your Instagram posts and stories everyday. Social media is so negative these days and your posts are so refreshing and informative and inspiring! Whether it just be your daily smoothie or a post for your business, I always check it out.


 - Hannah, Instagram supporter

Hi Cayla, I just wanted to say what a great job you have been doing with your business. I've been watching you expand your business and yourself and I think it's fantastic! Keep it up!

- Krista, Facebook page supporter

Hey Cayla, just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the work you put into week is going pretty good thus far...I'm trying to get as much fruits in this week to my breakfasts. I'm 3/4 (Sun-Weds) and my veggies are 2/3 (Sun-Tues). My family is starting to notice the change in me...even with my sugar consumption. And I'm so glad I worked with you.


 - Naomi, former client of Simply Balanced Basics